Seeing and observing closely the dynamics of international politics especially since US President Donald Trump making arrangements to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, this has the potential for widespread violations of the Principles of Humanitarian Law as set out in Protocol I of 1977 Section 53 that defines the protection of objects culture and places of worship.

Resolution of United Nations Security Council (DK) on Jerusalem No. 252 dated 21 May 1968 until the resolution of UNSC. 2334 of 23 December 2016 affirms that the Security Council will not recognize any changes to the borders established before the 1967 war.

Similarly, UN General Assembly Resolution No. 2253 dated 4 July 1967 until Resolution no. 71 dated 23 December 2016 which essentially affirms the protection of Jerusalem against the occupation of Israel.

Through Resolution No. 150 dated 27 November 1996, Unesco called the “Old City of Jerusalem” as an endangered world heritage. And the construction of a tunnel near Al Aqsa Mosque by Israel as an act that attacks religious sentiment in the world.

Related to this issue, the Executive Board of Nahdlatul Ulama expressed attitude:
1. The attitude of President of the United States Donald Trump stating that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel is an act that will disrupt and destroy world peace. This attitude will make the world’s situation even hotter and lead to endless conflicts.
2. Criticize such unilateral acts of recognition. Jerusalem is not the capital of Israel but Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine that we have recognized as sovereign. In this context, at the 33rd NU Congress in Jombang, issued several decisions:

First, the NU supports independence over Palestine. Support for the independence of the people and the state of Palestine cannot be suspended. Therefore, the NU insisted that the United Nations immediately grant and authorize the membership of the State of Palestine to become an official member of the United Nations and to grant equal rights as an independent people and country.

Secondly, NU urges the United Nations to impose sanctions, both political and economic, to Israel and any country if it is not willing to end its occupation of Palestinian land.

Third, calls for countries in the Middle East to unite in support of Palestinian independence.

Fourth, Urge OIC (Organization for Islamic Cooperation) to intensively organize its members to support Palestinian independence.

Encourage the Indonesian government to participate and be proactive in assisting the problems that occur in Palestine. The Indonesian government has a very strategic role to become a mediator who can mediate the ongoing political dynamics.

Muslims of the world expressed their concerns and let pray together and communicate to Allah SWT, may the people of Palestine be given strength and fortitude, may peace in Palestine.

Call upon the NU people to read the prayers of qunut nazilah, plead for help and protection of Allah SWT. In order for Palestine in particular and also the world can create a peaceful situation.